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Ruby/Sapphire - Berry tags

I love this, the berries have tags on them! Makes it real easy to tell what they are. ^^
This is only a partial listing... I'll add more once I find them.
01. Kurabo (Cheri)
Blooms with delicate pretty flowers. The bright red berry is very spicy. Spicy
02. Kago (Chesto)
The berry's thick skin and fruit are very tough. It is dry-tasting all over. Dry
03. Momon (Pecha)
Very sweet and delicious. Also very tender - handle with care. Sweet
04. (Rawst)
If the leaves grow long and curly, the berry seems to grow very bitter. Bitter
05. (Aspear)
The hard berry is dense with a rich juice. It is quite sour. Sour
06. Himeri (Leppa)
Grows slower than Cheri and others. The smaller the berry, the tastier. Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
07. Oren (Oran)
A peculiar berry with a mix of flavors. Berries grow in half a day. Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
08. (Persim)
Loves sunlight. The berry's color grows vivid when exposed to the sun. Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
10. (Sitrus)
Closely related to Oran. The large berry has a well-rounded flavor. Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
11. (Figy)
The berry, which looks chewed up, brims with spicy substances. Spicy
14. (Aguav)
The flower is dainty. It is rare in its ability to grow without light. Bitter
15. (Iapapa)
The berry is very big and sour. It takes at least a day to grow. Sour
16. (Razz)
The red berry tastes slightly spicy. It grows quickly in just four hours. Spicy, Dry
17. (Bluk)
The berry is blue on the outside, but it blackens the mouth when eaten. Dry, Sweet
18. Nana (Nanab)
This berry was the seventh discovered in the world. It is sweet. Sweet, bitter
19. (Wepear)
The flower is small and white. It has a delicate balance of bitter and sour. Bitter, Sour
20. Pairu (Pinap)
Weak against wind and cold. The fruit is spicy and the skin, sour. Spicy, Sour
21. (Pomeg)
However much it is watered, it only grows up to six berries. Spicy, Sweet, Bitter
22. (Kelpsy)
A rare variety shaped like a root. Grows a very large flower. Dry, Bitter, Sour
23. (Qualot)
Loves water. Grows strong even in locations with constant rainfall. Spicy, Sweet, Sour
24. (Hondew)
A berry that is very valuable and rarely seen. It is very delicious. Spicy, Dry, Bitter
25. (Grepa)
Despite its tenderness and round shape, the berry is unimaginably sour. Dry, Sweet, Sour
26. (Tamato)
The berry is lip-bendingly spicy. It takes time to grow. Spicy, Dry
29. (Rabuta)
A rare variety that is overgrown with hair. It is quite bitter. Bitter, Sour