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LMP History

LMP started out on Geocities under the name Raichu2001's Pokemon Paradise. I never publicly released the site though...

When AcmeCity began to offer free space for Pokemon fan sites, I decided to make a move and try something different. I opened LMP on Acmecity during May 1999 with just the bare "skeleton" page that is the default page for any newly created site. Slowly I began to design my own layout (Which wasn't that good to begin with.. I'll admit that)

After Acmecity began renaming the Pokemon area to other things, I decided that I should make another move. This time I was going for something a bit better than Acmecities, Geocities, etc. (Not that they aren't bad to use as a starting place) I was going for subdomain hosting.

I applied at and was accepted. All was fine until February/March 2000. underwent a server change... and I was never informed of it. This was right before the 2000 Skills Olympics (It's a competition between area high school students. We meet at a local tech college and compete. It's pretty fun, actually.) With my site gone, I had to do something for the Skills Olympics. I went back to Acmecity and re-uploaded everything I had. There were quite a few problems to work out, and I was really suprised when I was awarded 2nd place in Web Site Design.

Inspired by that, I began to work harder on my site. I applied for subdomain hosting at in April/May, and got it. I moved in, but was soon greeted with tons of problems. It appeared that were were alot of server problems, which meant my site was always down. After a long period of frustration (I know the problems weren't caused on purpose) I began to look for hosting elsewhere.
In June, I became a hostee of the Star Hosting Network. It was nice there, but eventually they closed.. >_<;
In August (I think), I moved to Hypermart. After taking a bit of a "break" I began to introduce the "Cool Blue" layout. I really like blue! ^^

April 2002 I bought a domain name and paid for some hosting, opening up my personal/collective site After working on that for a few months I decided it was time to turn my attention back to this site. Mid October I reopened LMP ^^
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