MJ's Kitty Gallery
You must submit a description of your character (name, personality, clothes, etc) along with a picture of what they look like.
I will not design your character for you.
If possible, include the title of the anime that the character is based off of.
Please, do not send me bmps. JPG or GIF pictures are good. :)

Also, please don't send HTML mails. Yeah, they might look cool on your side, but most of them don't show up for me.

NO ANIME RIP OFFS! These characters should be your own design. Don't send in a picture of an anime character you took from a show and call it yours. That's practically stealing.

Only one artist and one request. Don't ask more than one of Ghost's artists to do the same kitty for you. Don't ask the artists for mutiple pictures, either. We've got enough to do. One picture per person.

If you want more than one kitty in a picture, talk to me. ^-^ Any special poses or props you might have in mind you can suggest also.
HOWEVER, there will be no official anime kitties in the picture. So don't bother asking for your kitty snuggling with Duo Kitty or Sage Kitty. The last thing they need is everyone fighting over who gets who.

If I have more than 5 kitties being drawn at one time, consider my lines temporarily closed.

Send your request to me at kitty-request@digital-yume.net
Don't forget the picture! :)