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[1009] Artist: riyunoa | Title: Yuugi | Time: 21m 16s
Pic #33

riyunoa @ Tuesday, June 21st 2005, 7:57 PM
Half done

[1008] Artist: Mikoto | Title: Hagaboo! | Time: 54m 46s
Pic #32

[View Animation]
Mikoto @ Saturday, June 18th 2005, 8:41 PM
Just a really big, bad doodle. D: I had no ideas for a background so. Yeah. Haga for j0o.

Lunaire @ Sunday, June 19th 2005, 11:33 AM
OHH!! I loveee it! ^w^

Ryouni Mihou @ Sunday, June 19th 2005, 7:09 PM
Awu, you make him look so cute!
And kinda bored/flustered like. :D
I love you.

R7125 @ Sunday, June 19th 2005, 7:45 PM
hehe awesome doodle. It really doesn't need a background. I like your style. Keep it up!

Lunaire @ Monday, June 20th 2005, 11:26 AM
He looks like Satoshi from DNAngel... At least in this pic he does.

Mikoto @ Monday, June 20th 2005, 2:32 PM
WOW, he does. O_o; Scary. -imagines Haga with Akira Ishida's voice.-

Liann @ Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 6:31 PM
lol i luv it <3 ^^
actually, &#12363; is ka and im pretty sure &#12364; is ga incase you didnt know -^^- otherwise ryuzaki (i presume) would be calling "ha~ka~!" lol ^^

Mikoto @ Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 7:13 PM
Oh wow. I didn't notice I forgot the marks. I always do that with the hiragana "ka". :P

Samaya @ Monday, August 1st 2005, 8:53 AM
Haga! You don't see much fanart of him, or, at least I don't. None that looked this nice, anyway. Good job, I like the shading and highlights. ^_^

[1007] Artist: Shikura | Title: Lala Land | Time: 3h 52m
Pic #29

[View Animation]
Shikura @ Friday, June 10th 2005, 12:45 PM
umm yeah ^^; *sweat drop*

Lunaire @ Saturday, June 11th 2005, 6:41 AM
*Squeal* Howwww CUTE!

Shikura @ Saturday, June 11th 2005, 4:00 PM
lol thx!! =^.^=

Bladequeen @ Friday, June 17th 2005, 4:57 AM
this great i like her top * ljust staring at it * it really good it so go i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Liann @ Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 12:52 PM
waii!!! so cute <3 i love shizuka's shirt ^^ and seto's so adorable *hug*

[1003] Artist: riyunoa | Title: Together Forever | Time: 2h 26m
Pic #25

[View Animation]
riyunoa @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 8:44 PM
Yami and Yugi taking a Neoprint [those photo machine things...] XD

Liann @ Monday, May 23rd 2005, 2:25 PM
kawaii desu!! *huggles them both* ^_^ and you mean like the thing you step in the booth and get the piccus? haha me and four other friends stuffed ourselves into one one time XP *dies*

riyunoa @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 5:54 PM
Yep, that's the one I meant, those photo booths that give you a bunch of photo-stickers things... XD

Samaya @ Monday, August 1st 2005, 8:56 AM
Gah! Kawaii... @_@ This couple is just too adorable and hinted at in the series...or maybe I just have a weird mind...yeah, that's it. This is a cute pic, I like Yugi's big smile. ^____^

[1002] Artist: Katsu_Jounouchi | Title: Usagi Katsuya | Time: 24m 7s
Pic #24

Katsu_Jounouchi @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 1:51 AM
Well here we go another Katsuya picture, this time he has bunny ears! Hence the title. Feel free to comment, I love comments. Usagi Katsuya!

riyunoa @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 9:40 PM
Hehe, poor Jounouchi-kun, first Kaiba calls him a dog... now he is a bunny... XDDD Is he doomed to be an animal? ^^ Jou : O_O Nuuu!!

[1001] Artist: riyunoa | Title: Yami | Time: 1h 15m
Pic #22

[View Animation]
riyunoa @ Friday, May 20th 2005, 6:19 PM
Just a random pic of Yami.

(Edited on May 22, 2005, 12:15 am)

Shikura @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 8:10 PM
I like ur shading

riyunoa @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 5:52 PM
Thanks Shikura, not enough shading for this pic though... ^^; *hates mouse*

[1000] Artist: riyunoa | Title: Yugi sobbing | Time: 2h 15m
Pic #21

riyunoa @ Friday, May 20th 2005, 12:35 AM
Yugi is sobbing because Yami left.

(Edited on May 21, 2005, 10:54 pm)

Shikura @ Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 8:07 PM
awwww he's so cute! Keep up the good work ^_^

riyunoa @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 5:52 PM
Thanks!! Poor Yugi, he needs a huggle~ XD

[998] Artist: Katsu_Jounouchi | Title: Jou | Time: 2h 2m
Pic #15

Katsu_Jounouchi @ Saturday, May 14th 2005, 12:10 AM
Not done...x.x

Katsu_Jounouchi @ Saturday, May 14th 2005, 10:12 PM
Wheee! Me done! Me draw Jou-kun with dog ears! Wheeeeeeee! Tell me what ya think, I really love comments.

eric_awasaki @ Friday, July 8th 2005, 2:24 PM
It's cute! i like it!

Even my friend siting behind me while I'm on her computer says that it's awsomely cute!!

WooT! Keep it up!

[996] Artist: Liann | Title: phantom baku | Time: 1h 56m
Pic #9

[View Animation]
Liann @ Wednesday, May 11th 2005, 6:52 PM
all done!!! phantom of the opera is such a good movie =_= ~<3 well, yea, baku as the phantom for ya!^_^

(Edited on May 13, 2005, 5:45 pm)

Dark Destruction Mage! @ Thursday, May 12th 2005, 2:14 PM
OMG!! whenever I went to go see Phantom of the Opera down at the movie theater.. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING OF!! PHANTOM YAMI BAKU! *pets him* n__n; HEHEHE! <3

FINISH SOON! *jumps up and down*

Dark Destruction Mage! @ Friday, May 13th 2005, 5:57 PM
yayyayyayay!! *jumps up and down* *joins t3h Phantom Baku in t3h singing!* X3;

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *huggles pictu* Phantom Baku ish now officially getting me into this trance as if wanting me to get the PoTO DVD now... @__@ *obeys* *walks off to some random store to get DVDs but don't find any, so gets kindda pissed off and goes all out on t3h personage who says they don't have 'em! >.<;

eric_awasaki @ Saturday, May 14th 2005, 6:33 AM

riyunoa @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 5:55 PM
Nice, I never got to watch Phantom of the Opera though. ;_; This is such a cool drawing, I love the smoothness of the lines~

Witchitar @ Sunday, June 12th 2005, 9:25 AM
OMG! Phantom. <3333 That is soooo awesome *pets the mask* It's Erik and Bakura put together... I love it!

[994] Artist: MoNNiKat | Title: Ryou in a forest | Time: 26m 58s
Pic #7

[View Animation]
MoNNiKat @ Sunday, May 8th 2005, 8:29 PM
^^ I like glowing things! Anyways... Felt like drawing something... O_o I dunno why he's in a forest though...

eric_awasaki @ Saturday, May 14th 2005, 6:35 AM
KAWAII!!! XD I love it!! It's sooooooooooo cute!!! Makes you wanna eat him all up!~!!

[993] Artist: tani-chan | Title: Hellos hellos. XD | Time: 29h 55m
Pic #6

tani-chan @ Wednesday, May 4th 2005, 8:14 PM
Eh... just a little doodle of Atemu to say hello to you all. :D :tis a noob: XD;
Nii-way... not done yet... too tired. e_e;
By the way... timer lies by... 1-2 days. XDD; I got really busy and left my computer on. ._.; Silly me. X3; At least I could finish this.. XD; Sorta. ^_^;
^_^; Hope you all like. >_>

tani-chan @ Thursday, May 5th 2005, 1:03 AM
Eh... well, that just sucks. T_T
Apparently, something will not let me repaint... doesn't show the image. >_<
*sighs* Oh well... this is... it then. X_x;

Yami_Julie_san @ Friday, May 6th 2005, 6:29 AM
usually it says "re-touch" and thats how u repaint it Oo were u logged in o.O thats probelly a suggestion o.O btw awesome pic so far x3

Ryouni Mihou @ Monday, May 9th 2005, 10:10 AM
Aw, that's a shame. It was a good picture too. It does the same to me when I want to retouch, sometimes it'll show the tools but not the picture in the canvas.

tani-chan @ Monday, May 9th 2005, 5:51 PM
Actually, Ryouni Mihou, that's exactly what happened. e.e
Thank you though. >w< <3

Ryouni Mihou @ Tuesday, May 10th 2005, 4:15 PM
That's what I thought. It's okay, if you have an art program on your computer you can save the picture and finish it there.

[991] Artist: Nebe-kun | Title: +. How may I help you? | Time: 2h 29m
Pic #2

[View Animation]
Nebe-kun @ Saturday, April 30th 2005, 11:19 PM
Scary yes. And not done. I'll finish now, I just seriously don't trust my computer.

Nebe-kun @ Sunday, May 1st 2005, 12:45 AM
FINISHED. Finally. Yush it 'tis an innocent persocom Yami no Malik Or Kyandei-sama as I call him. x3 BE SCARED. It's alright though, considering I haven't drawn on the computer for ageeees.

Oh and i'm new here. Myname is Ne-be or Becca. Whichever you prefer. ^^ Nice to meet you all.

[989] Artist: Miyuki | Title: Sayounara... | Time: 2h 55m
Pic #354

Miyuki @ Saturday, April 30th 2005, 2:54 PM
There is just not enough Noa fanart out there. I like his character (at least in the non dubbed version, 4Kids ruined him - -; ) and he needs more love! And yes, the title is what it says in the corner of the picture.

Yuki Ryu @ Saturday, April 30th 2005, 7:19 PM
Agreed, there's just not enough Noah fan art out there and 4Kids completely screwed up his tragic story. Noah didn't deserve that. Poor Noah...

This picture is very beautiful. I love the feel of it and the glow surrounding his body and his wings.

Megami @ Saturday, April 30th 2005, 8:54 PM
Yaa, Noa~ The English version really horribly butchered him. TT Made me sad, because I didn't quite understand what was going on when I saw it in Japanese... Lovely art of him; that's a reall hard angle to draw, at least for me. :D I like~ <3

Liann @ Monday, May 2nd 2005, 3:12 PM
wow...great job, absolutley beautiful. the flower and wings--gah the whole thing is great!!!
and yes, there should be more noa fan art, hes so kawaii ^_^

R7125 @ Saturday, May 7th 2005, 11:51 AM
Noa! I totally miss the Noaness. this is so pretty. ::huggles:: Don't go!

Sumii @ Saturday, June 4th 2005, 9:24 PM
Those wings... They're sexy. DX <3

[988] Artist: Cecilia | Title: The Doughnut Saga, revived | Time: 3h 1m
Pic #333

[View Animation]
Cecilia @ Friday, April 15th 2005, 5:23 PM
Rawr. @_@
Yami Bakura, the ninja! has stolen the infamous doughnut. :O Will Yami get revenge?


R7125 @ Friday, April 15th 2005, 6:19 PM
KYOOT! Though Yami no B's hood is a bit lopsided to me, (drawing at that angle is hard), it's so KYOOT! I can't wait to see it finished!

Cecilia @ Friday, April 15th 2005, 6:25 PM
I always draw hoods and stuff like that. It's not really lopsided. Unless you mean where he's pulling it down, then yeah, it is. XD


eric_awasaki @ Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 11:40 AM
Yeah but the way his fingers are pulling it down makes it look perfect the way that it is, it's hardly lopsided if the fingers on that side pulling it.

But the piccy as a whole is AMAZING!! You should finish it ASAP!! lol, i love it! XD

Elusitania @ Sunday, May 8th 2005, 4:58 PM
Ah... it's been way too long since I've gotten a dose of your art. It's just getting getting and better. Meh, Yami's expression is hilarious and the coloring is brilliant. :D

Cecilia @ Wednesday, May 18th 2005, 7:24 PM
Oh, my God. Not only did I finish this, but my handwriting is legible! o_o;; WOW! XD;;
Anyways... *cough* I wandered back here, and found that people commented. O_o;; I was like; OHMYGAWDWHEEEEE!
Um... Please, ignore the retro-hippie background. XD;; I had nothing better to do. That and I had extra space, and just put random text there. WHEE. Hope you like.


Liann @ Tuesday, May 24th 2005, 2:25 PM
mwahaha awsome!!! *eats donut* i luv your art so much, its so pretty =_= *pets yamis hair* XP
awsome background btw ^^

[987] Artist: MoNNiKat | Title: Malik wants ta Kill you... | Time: 1h
Pic #332

[View Animation]
MoNNiKat @ Sunday, April 10th 2005, 9:24 PM
I dunno, I'm just bored... Haven't been here for a while... XD Yami Malik ish so cute!

Yami_Julie_san @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 7:21 AM
LMAO XDDDDDDD *loves chibi yamalik* <3 hes so kawaii yet i love how he acts awesome chibi XD

Yuki Ryu @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 11:15 AM
Awwwww~! What a cute widdle frighteningly psychotic chibi! I'd hug him if I wasn't sure that he'd stab me to death. XD I think the best part are his big expressive eyes. His little stubby hand against his mouth with the tiny fang is a nice touch too. Though you may have forgotten his glowing eye. ;P

Lunaire @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 1:04 PM
*Holds out wrist* Slash away lil dood. ^w^
Very cute chibi!

Liann @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 2:27 PM
kawaii desu!!! i like how you did the eyes, they're really pretty -^^- *plays with the earrings* hehe i really likes it

Y*Y*O @ Monday, April 11th 2005, 5:58 PM
WAAAIIII!!! Me totally luvs your style!! Marik looks beyond uber-kawaii wit those chibi eyes & the way he looks like a naive little child *squealsquealsqueal* Yesh Marik....me wishes to die at your pretty hands ^^;;;;;;

MoNNiKat @ Tuesday, April 12th 2005, 11:10 AM
^^ Thanks for the comments everyone... >.< I dun like to draw that eye glowing thing on his fore-head... and I forgot to make his gold things all shiney O.O! :) A well...

R7125 @ Friday, April 15th 2005, 6:20 PM

eric_awasaki @ Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 11:43 AM
*Jumps at knife!* be happy!

lol, I love the piccy! X3

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