Shattered Reflection

Lalala~This site is going to be a shrine (well, of sorts) to Ryou Bakura. It'll mainly contain art, since I love to draw.
I won't have much general Yu-Gi-Oh info here; if you want that go to another site. >:)

Happy April Fools Day o-o; Um, yeah. My affiliate's site has moved :)
Umm. Yeah. c_c;; I've been busy lately, so I've neglected this site. -_-; ... Anyways! I have an affiliate now ^__^; Forbidden Love. Woo ^-^
Added a picture to the art section, and 3 new link buttons. ('Bout time I added some buttons, huh? XD)
More new art added, plus 2 new AIM buddy icons
Added new art
Ooooo, I should make a list of all the pairings I support. That oughta be fun ^^;
Hmmhmm... not much new. I did draw that adorable evil chibi Yami Bakura to the right though. :)
I finished the picture! Wanna see? ^___^
I also made wallpaper out of it. ^^
Updated: Downloads, Art
New piccie! It's not completely finished, but I've put a sneak peak to the right ^^
Also added a Downloads page. It only has Bakura AIM buddy icons atm, but I'll add more soon.
Updated Art; New Oekaki/Bulletin board :)
Updated Links, Art; Also started writing a songfic. *gulp* o____O;;

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