Shattered Reflection


Ever wonder what I do with my free time? I draw. ;)
Newer art is on the left side. Outlined thumbnails are images which contain contents that may disturb younger viewers. You've been warned.
Ancient Egyptian Yami Bakura Bakura Doll Yami Bakura doll... Recolor of a picture I did once Quick whiteboard scribbly. Bakura Colored version of the blue Yami Bakura sketch. I like it. n_n Blue Yami Bakura sketchie Bakura -=- Pencil Sketch Happy Bakura -=- Pencil Sketch Yami Bakura -=- Pencil Sketch Bakura -=- Rough Pencil
Malik -=- Colored Pencil Sketch Yami Malik -=- Pencil Sketch
Yuugi and Yami Yuugi Bakura Doll Bakura and Yami Bakura Yami Yuugi x Yami Bakura Monster World Neko Bakura Yami Bakura Bakura~ Malik Bakura Yami Bakura (chibi-ish style) Yuugi. I don't like how this turned out. -_-;
NEWPharaoh Yami Yuugi whiteboard scribble Sketchy purple Seto with Blue Eyes wings. ^.^
Penguin Knight
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