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There are 2 different Oekaki boards for you to use. ^^
But first, some rules:
1. Keep it appropriate. That means don't draw something you wouldn't be able to show your parents/grandparents/teachers/etc
2. No profanity. Simple rule; don't break it.
3. Spend some time on your work. Don't draw 20 million little pictures just because you think it's fun.
4. Be nice to the other artists! You wouldn't want someone to badmouth your masterpiece, so don't do it to theirs.
5. Please comment on your picture after you submit it. If I don't see who it's from, I'll delete it.
6. Save your picture on the same slot! The only exceptions I'll allow are if the original was going to be pushed off the board, and group artworks.
7. There is a 3 picture limit per person per board a day.
* I reserve the right to delete any pictures or comments I feel break these rules. *

Understand? Good. :)
Choose a board you like and have fun. ^__^
BBSnote | OekakiBBS
Most people like to use the BBSnote version, since it allows you to continue your picture later. ^^