-=- Meowth -=-


Jumbo PVC figure

Talking finger puppet thing, burger king toy (?), Jakks figure

Talking/chattering Meowth figure. It's English but it speaks Japanese? XD

Water bottle and Poke-ROM cd

Kids figure and Team Rocket balloon papercraft on giant plush. :D

-=- Misc -=-

Wallscroll. I love the Sandshrew and Mew in the upper right corner.

Gligar! Zukan figure and a drawing... xD

Roserade zukan. It didn't come with a stick so I whittled a toothpick. Now it looks like he's preparing for an attack... or something. :D


Lucario used Growth!

The real figure that belongs there. xD

Weavile and Sneasel Tomy figures

Meowth and Weavile kids

-=- Window Clings -=-

Made these two out of that spare plastic that's always on those sheets of window clings. Marker on plastic doesn't work so well. I think they turned out neat anyways. :D

-=- Cards -=-

Meowth card collection! I need most of the ones that came out after the Rocket set.