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  No.343 Inu-No-Taisho  
IMG_000299.jpg ( 74 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F Suzaku [HOME] 2011/02/13 (Sun) 19:55
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Not finished yet..
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  No.342 purple  
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NAME F N [HOME] 2009/06/22 (Mon) 19:33
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I forgot paintBBS was such a pain to work with T^T

Loli-Tenshi   2009/09/15 (Tue) 11:24

that is one drop dead awesome sesshomaru! OxO;;;!!

I waaaaaaaaaant! *steals his fuzzehs*

  No.341 Inuyasha  
IMG_000298.jpg ( 110 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet x 2
NAME F Suzaku [HOME] 2009/07/23 (Thu) 22:40
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not finished.. need sleep..

  No.340 Rin Sesshi  
IMG_000295.jpg ( 45 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet x 2
NAME F Suzaku [HOME] 2009/03/30 (Mon) 00:41
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Rin and Sesshi as his demon form. yes i replaces his missing arm and downsized him to a pup.. BUT THATS OK lol cause its cute.. finish soon
N [HOME]   2009/06/22 (Mon) 19:39
Awww, this is so sweet! Puppy!Sesshy <3
(and sorry for the laaate comment, lol.)

  No.339 Strong Arms  
IMG_000293.jpg ( 33 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet x 4
NAME F Suzaku [HOME] 2009/02/22 (Sun) 17:15
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safety save.. why isnt anyone on here anymore? *sniff*
Suzaku [HOME]   2009/02/20 (Fri) 16:07
decided to change the picture intirely :P dont have enough Sesshi in this board ^^
hinata19 [HOME]   2011/01/05 (Wed) 20:34
amazing drawing :))

  No.338 Kagome  
IMG_000289.jpg ( 44 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F zoruruo 2008/10/13 (Mon) 18:37
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Someone, revive this Oekaki...! D:
Quiero [HOME]   2015/07/04 (Sat) 17:50
This was raelly good. I have red the Inuyasha and raelly wanted to it to continue I lowed Sesshoumaru too.Please Don't make him very bad >.<Can't wait till next part.VA:F [1.9.14_1148]please wait...
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car insurance [HOME]   2016/05/20 (Fri) 10:02
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  No.337 ...  
IMG_000288.jpg ( 37 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F Do-Pai 2008/09/29 (Mon) 17:11
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Why am I under the impression that this Oekaki is dead? D:
MJ   2008/10/12 (Sun) 15:04
'Cause it is. :<
At least this particular board, anyhow.

zoruruo   2008/10/13 (Mon) 18:30
Aw... well, I don't find many good Inu-Yasha boards, and this one is pretty nice. DX

  No.336 Sango  
IMG_000287.jpg ( 36 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F Aiffe [HOME] 2008/09/06 (Sat) 21:54
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I came here ages ago and tried to draw here, but for some reason it wouldn't post. :( So I went and made my own oekaki (see homepage link) and now it works here again!

zoruruo   2008/10/13 (Mon) 18:29
Aw, she's purty~! c:

  No.333 inuyasha  
IMG_000284.jpg ( 54 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F shinigamihikari 2008/08/09 (Sat) 09:31
BROWSER : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; (R1 1.5); .NET CLR 1.1.4322; Platrium 1.0.313.0; P_IT_EF700772B4765D5235AF91; Hotbar 10.0.356.0)
/ PAINT TIME : 8Min15Sec

this board doesn't get enough love...

so i just gave it some

just a quick little doodle of inuyasha...

  No.332 Two Old Men  
IMG_000283.jpg ( 37 KB ) with Shi-cyan applet
NAME F Artemis Sakura [HOME] 2008/01/13 (Sun) 15:38
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/ PAINT TIME : 9Min13Sec

If you don't recognize the d00d on the right, it's Inu no Taisho, InuYasha and Sesshoumaru's daddy. The guy on the left is SUPPOSED to be Myouga.

This is me procrastinating on math homework. xD

Geraldine [HOME]   2015/07/05 (Sun) 01:04
Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep lonkoig for your posts.
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